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Build The Future You Want

My name is Bob Windmill. Over 40 years I built my future step by step, setting goals and learning what would help that and what wouldn't

Now I have a nice house and car, all paid for, and enjoy better travel options without worrying about the cost.

More importantly, I now have the freedom to spend time helping others build the futures they want.

Have a look round my website and see how I can help you build the future that you want for yourself and your organisation.

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What might your future look like?

Serving your specific business needs, I deliver a variety of productivity courses and programmes designed to develop your workforce’s efficiency, which will ultimately bring greater results for your company.

Working closely with academic institutions, I provide an array of work readiness courses to help students meet the standards that employers expect by the time they graduate, ranging from timekeeping to business culture.

Helping those who are working internationally to improve their understanding of British business culture and language, I offer international mentoring and courses to close the gap between English language qualifications and working in English.

Remember, I'm here to help you build the future you want

I learned the hard way how to build my own future the hard way. Now I can help you do the same while not repeating the same mistakes. Life is too messy and unpredictable (COVID-19 anyone?) to guarantee any approach will lead to success, but I strongly believe in the saying "success happens where preparation meets opportunity". 

I can help put you and your organisation in the right place for when opportunity comes knocking.

About Me

My name is Bob Windmill, and at Building Great Futures, I enjoy helping organisations and individuals build the future that they want. I look at it like this:

Over forty years at work I've learned, often the had way, how to do demanding full time management roles in three days a week as a consultant, and gained the soft skills that employers value and will pay well for.

This didn't happen overnight, but in a series of steps, each taking me from the know-it-all trainee to the experienced and effective individual I am today.

Now my passion is helping others make that journey without taking my painful wrong turns.

How I Work

Unlike my work, I don’t take myself too seriously. I see myself as a guide, helping you navigate the steps to the future that you want, without judging.

The first step is to talk through what you want to achieve and why, and your timescales. This is free of charge.

Then we can work up a plan of activities that will set you on the path to the future that you want.

My Clients

I have helped a wide array of companies. My major clients include:

My Clients

  • Brookfield UK

  • Independent Water Networks

  • The Alliance of Sector Skills Councils