Building Great Futures

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Graduate Employability and Work Readiness

Concerned about your students’ work readiness? Offering a wide selection of graduate employability training and mentoring services, I specialise in producing students and graduates that employers really want. With Building Great Futures, you can help your students to brush up on the essential skills that they’ll require in the world of work. Get in touch today to enquire about my services.

What Employers Want

Each year, CBI research shows that employers are happy with graduates’ technical skills, but unhappy with their work readiness, which ranges from simple things like timekeeping to soft skills like teamwork and problem-solving. With my help, you can develop bespoke lectures, workshops, and programmes to instil these skills and qualities.

Business Culture

Employers also ask for greater commercial awareness and an understanding of business culture. For instance, why their business exists and how it uses money differently to personal money. Plus, they expect graduates to understand that a job must generate more income for an employer than the employee gets paid. I cover all aspects of business culture in my comprehensive programmes and courses.

Work Readiness

Preparing Graduates for Employment

Focusing on graduate employability, I provide various graduate training services.